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Hello and welcome to sign language@school!
The aim of this EU funded project is to develop teaching material for bilingual primary classes. Three countries are included: Austria, Germany and Bulgaria. So please choose your prefered sign language! Either Austrian Sign language, German Signlanguage or Bulgarian Signlanguage.

Just klick onto the flag of your selected country!

You can also read the content of the page in English.

The aim

SL@school is heading for one goal: developing teaching materials for bilingual primary classes. Whilst this developing process the experts directly working in the field are included.

Hereby we are refering to the pedagogical experts such as school teachers from the participating countries Austria, Germany and Bulgaria. Because they are aware of specific teaching materials and concepts missing and can therefore help to close the gap. Together with the pupils the teachers from each partner country choose books which emerge their way into the SignLanguage@schoolschool kit ending as sign language DVD, additionally hard copy material like memory cards, puzzles and handicraft work in general and teaching material.

Sl@school - the start

As a result from the successful implementation of the EU funded project SignLibrary equalizent starts it’s next EU funded project, which will again be established in the educational area. Kick off was triggered by the beginning of November 2011. March 2013 our mission is planned be accomplished.

The target groups are:
– Users/possible Users/Experts
– Teachers of bilingual classes
– Headmasters
– Linguistic experts
– Pedagogic experts
– pupils, parents, families

So the SignLanguage@schoolkit marks the end of the developing process. Next to written and signed text/books, recommendations and concepts supporting bilingual teaching are included.


For more details please have a look at our folder.

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